Hello and welcome to DayChecks.  DayChecks is a home checking service in Citrus County and the goal is to provide you with a second set of eyes looking over your home, and making sure everything is running smooth.  I'd be pleased to meet with you and customize a schedule and go over a list of what's important to you. There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and go over my list of services. Drop me a line or call if I can answer any questions. 

  • Phone:  352-897-4846
  • Email: DayChecks@gmail.com 
  • Licensed with Citrus County
  • Bonded through Security Bond Associates ($10,000)
  • A member of and in good standings with Citrus County Chamber of Commerce


Always a Part of the Service

  • Check doors and windows 
  • Walk the perimeter to check for any tampering
  • Flush toilets if water is left on
  • Collect junk mail.  Personal mail will be stored in your home
  • Collect trash cans and bring them inside garage
  • Look under sinks for any hint of leaking
  • Check ceilings for any water stains
  • If you have a pool - check the pool for any issues that need attention,
  • Sweep entrance to your front door to remove any debris
  • A phone call, text or email after each visit (and photos if needed)

$25.00 Fee per visit

Golf Cart Needs Charging

  • While doing house check your golf cart will be set on the usual 24  hour charge and  I'll return the following day to disconnect and put cables away.

$20.00 Fee for return to disconnect

Car Being Stored in Garage

  • Happy to take your car for a small trip around the neighborhood (1 mile)  once a month while checking on the house to keep the battery charged and  tires rotated.

No Additional Charge

Severe Storms - EMERGENCIES

  • Move patio furniture up against a protected outside wall on your pool deck/patio and them move furniture back once the storm has passed
  • Move small items into the kitchen area until the storm passes and move back once storm has passed
  • Check for power outages - checking the refrigerator, freezer and fuse box to see if they need to be re-set
  • Meet your vendors for any emergency work.

$22.00 for first hour then $20.00 per any additional hours

Vendors Needing Entry

  • Will meet vendors (delivery service, maintenance, house cleaners, pest control) at your property for the service that you have set up to be done  
  • Be present while they are in your home and update you on any changes
  • Check the house and lock up when they leave

Hourly rate - $22.00 


irrigation SYSTEM needs CHECKing

  • Run your sprinkler system through all it's cycles making sure there are no issues while doing a regular home check

Additional $10.00  

A Little About me

Raised in Hawaii


Raised on the North Shore of Hawaii in the small plantation town of Haleiwa-

Traveled Some

  • Lived in Hawaii (most of my life), California, Virginia, Wisconsin, Nevada & Florida
  • Varied occupations - On-site  administrative assistant for Charles Pankow Buidlers in  Honolulu, HI
  • Project management for an HVAC company in Honolulu, HI
  • Mirage Resorts & Bellagio as an Executive Assistant for European Marketing V.P.  in Las Vegas, NV
  • Executive Assistant with a  management consulting firm in Las Vegas, NV
  •  Ran a successful airport transportation  (Day's Transportation) company in Hernando, FL  for nine years
  • I'm reliable, honest and fair 
  • References are available